Charitable Endeavours

St. James's Place Charitable Foundation

The St. James's Place Charitable Foundation is an integral part of our company and culture. It has grown significantly since 1992 to become one of the most successful company charities in the UK, raising and distributing over £81 million to thousands of charities. The Charitable Foundation has been able to support many charities and good causes over the years with multiple grants.

The main focus of the Charitable Foundation is on helping children and young people who have special needs or are disadvantaged, both in the UK and overseas.

The Charitable Foundation also supports the hospice movement, charities in aid of cancer and, more recently, those helping people of all ages with mental health issues.

To read more about the Charitable Foundation including latest donations and event please visit our website

The Tongole Foundation

Working to improve the welfare of others throughout the world and supporting within our local communities is a very important aspect of our business.

Founded by David Cole and David Gridley, our own charity the Tongole Foundation is a UK registered non-profit organisation that works to support local communities surrounding the Nkhotkota Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, Africa. It focuses on education and wildlife conservation in an effort to improve the standards of living for as many people as possible.

The foundation focuses on two core objectives:

  • To have a sustainable not-for-profit business (Tongole Wilderness Lodge), creating desperately rare employment and training opportunities in a deprived part of Malawi.
  • Supporting children’s education and school facilities.
The business is a Wilderness Lodge which took over two years to construct in a wildlife reserve creating over 100 jobs for many whose children attend the three schools the charity supports. At the end of the construction phase, the Foundation employed over 30 full time employees which of course has far reaching benefits particularly as each individual employee is usually responsible for over 20 family members!

Louise Cole - Projects Co-ordinator

Louise joined the Tongole Foundation as Projects Co-ordinator in July 2012. She has had various jobs over the years which include being an actor at the London Dungeon and Duty Manager and High Ropes Instructor at Go Ape. Louise worked for Voluntary Action within Kent (VAWK), a charity that works with young disabled people, before committing some of her time to the Tongole Foundation.

Louise is also Practice Manager at Burfields House.

To find out more, please visit: or email